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Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez* works in a variety of decorative art techniques designed for pyrography (often for use in combination with other media), which draw inspiration from classical decorative art media and the traditional designs associated with them.

Dumitru Muradian* works exclusively in the pyrographic technique; he does portraits, landscapes, and animals on guitars and other musical instruments, as well as on humidors. This artist is also listed in the Portraits and Paintings Hall directory because of his fine art portraits and copies of famous Old Masters paintings and Byzantine icons on wood panels for which he is best known.

Manolo Caminos pyroengraves richly decorative maps on leather.

Mike Edwards works in pyrography on wood; his specialty is Celtic designs.

Reprinted with the kind permission of the Australian Wood Review magazine is the story of the remarkable Australian artist
Olive Hughes* and her work in one of the early factories of pyrographic art in Australia. The story is told in great part in her own words and shows examples of her work then—and NOW!
In the commentary following her exhibit, look for the link to "Pyrograffiti" where she was featured in the Woodcarvers On-line Magazine with additional examples of her decorative art work in pyrography.

NOTE: This exhibit has been enhanced and enlarged to include commentary and links to the collection donated by Olive Hughes to Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, which shows work by the artist herself, her mother, brother, and her friend and co-worker Marie Forester.

JoAnnis Mohrman likes to combine pyrography with functionality; her medium of choice is pyrography on gourds.

Ernie Velarde burned sketches of the Old West on gourds. He wanted the legends of Hollywood's Old West, of which he and his family were a part, to live on in his art work.

Roy Sullivan, wide variety of very original pyrography on wood objects, relief sculptured leather, wood panels; in many themes.

Bob Morris, richly detailed pyrography on cut-out wood jewelry, miniature wood plaques; in carousel motifs; a new portrait of a very small grandson.

Burnt Offerings Studio, Opie and Linda O'Brien*, highly decorative pyroengraved gourds enhanced with a wide variety of natural materials and worked with color and carving, also wood carving; gourds are vessels, sculptures, and musical instruments as sculptures; wood plaque; many traditional themes and imaginative forms.

Lorraine Zaloom, extraordinary pyrographic portraits on wood boxes; primarily portraits of famous Blues musicians and singers.

Rita Ferrara*, pyrography on wood, primarily boxes and plaques, in flora and fauna themes; also mixed media work, including color and chip carving.

Harp Corrigan*, pyrography on wood, primarily decorating his own handmade musical instruments (shown in the illustrated article linked from his salon exhibit here); turned bowl, wood panel 'pen-and-ink' style pyrograph.

Carol St. Pierre*, decorative pyroengraving, often with color, on gourds, in many themes and patterns.

Linda Hatfield*, combines decorative pyrography and bright colors on wood objects in humorous themes.

Bob Ferris*, pyrography on wood objects, wood panels, conks, sculpture, and more (see also Special, Portraits and Paintings, and Sculpture Halls).

Vernon Robinson* wood canes and hiking staffs with stylized pyroengraved sculptures, some enhanced with inlays (see also Special Hall, Folk and Traditional Art Hall, Sculpture Hall).

Stuart King*, a master at wood turning and pierce work, enhances his work with pyroengraving and sometimes color.

Stuart King's Private Collection*, a second Stuart King salon that displays pieces this artist, lecturer, and photo-journalist has collected while traveling and doing research (see also Folk and Traditional Art Hall).

Christian Maraschin*, florals and other motifs on various materials, both monochrome and tinted. Shown here are works on wood and leather. Included is a link to an article with a variety of examples plus a link to the artist's own website.

Diógenes Giorlandino*, exquisite geometrics on wood, especially mandalas. He has, in recent years, also done beautiful contemporary designs on gourds. Included is a link to an article with the artist's biography and a variety of examples.

Derric Clemmons*, bold contemporary designs on wood with color and inlay. Included is a link to an article with a variety of examples.

Mark Hale*, distinct clean renderings of traditional designs in pyrography with color on wood boxes made by the artist. Included is a link to an article with more examples, as well as of his unfinished boxes.

FICHOU*, works in pyrography on wood frames integrated with oil paintings as stylized portraits in contemporary interpretations of Aboriginal motifs of Australia. (See also Portraits and Paintings Hall.)

Irene Corgiat*, figurative works in pyrography on wood, velour paper, and a unique work on linen, which is featured in an article linked from her salon. (See also Portraits and Paintings Hall.)

Pablo Nemzoff, works in pyrography on turned wood rendered as contemporary sculptures. This artist's work is cross-referenced in the Sculpture Hall.

Ivan Govaerts*, works in figurative and ornamental pyrography on wood, leather,and gourds.

Kenneth E. Wooten*, does intricate scrollsaw ornaments with pyrography line work on birch in Alaskan wildlife themes. Also included is a link to an article. (This artist is cross-referenced in the Traditional and Folk Art Hall.)

Peter Drewett*, has done one (his first) portrait in 2004 to honor his mentor; however, his works are mostly on uneven sculptural shapes in wood, particularly the percussion instruments for which he is best known. A work that won him recent acclaim was a gourd sculpture, a new material for him. (Because of his sculptural musical instruments, his work will be cross-referenced in the Sculpture Hall; because of his rustic themes, his work is featured in the Folk and Traditional Art Hall, and because of his unusual projects, his listing will be cross-referenced in the Special Hall, as well).

Leah Comerford*, does flowing, fantasy art pyrography compositions on gourds colored in watercolors. Included is a gourd jewelry pendant.

Sharon H. Garvey*, shows here one particular work, which is a calligraphic inscription plaque in three alphabets (Hebrew, Latin, and Greek) that is on a crucifix in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. She also painted the nearly life-size plaster cast figure of the crucified Jesus Christ that was imported from Italy.

Sharon H. Garvey, shows here a solar-burned sign, which she burned in 2001 for the Edward B. Garvey Memorial Shelter on the Appalachian Trail. This exhibit also tells the story of the restoration of that sign 14 years later, which she also did.

Adriano Colangelo*, cross-referenced in the Portraits and Paintings Hall, this artist in the past has worked in fine art pyrogravure and color on wood panels; however, as of 2004 he has begun to expand his market base by developing works in applied art.

Ilanna Sharon Mandel*, works in pyrogravure and color (also gold) on wood panels to offer symbols and traditions of love and peace. (The traditional aspects of this artist's work make it appropriate for cross-referencing in the Folk and Traditional Art Hall.)

Susan Millis*, artist and conservator, does fine art works on paper and applied art on wood. In addition, she has a BA Honours in the study of this art form, its history, conservation, and restoration. (This artist is cross-referenced in the Portraits and Paintings Hall.)

Sue Burne*, multi-media pyrographic artist who also does glass engraving, painting, and calligraphy. Her wood platters are burned and delicately colored in abstract designs inspired by nature. Dragons are an oft used theme for her boxes.

Lesley Wyatt*, pyrographic artist and woodcarver, who works on wood and paper and eschews adding color to her art. She works on decorative objects as well as wood panels (the latter primarily in nautical themes).

Marshall Stokes*, pyrographic artist who does complex woven compositions and has another series in which he combines electronic components with his pyrography found boards.

Julia Surba*, has done works mostly on irregular sculptural shapes, using strong and varied texturing, as well as hieroglyphs that resemble ivory inlay. (Because of her sculptural pieces and gourds, her work will be cross-referenced in the Sculpture Hall, and because of her applied art in the clock, the Decorative Art Hall; because of her traditional references to Ancient Kuzhebar, her work is featured in the Folk and Traditional Art Hall).

Nancy Boitos*, a folk and wildlife artist, has done many large-scale rustic works, including a beam fireplace mantel and a log mantel. (Because of her applied art pyroengravings with oil painting on furniture and fireplace mantels, her work is cross-referenced here in the Decorative Art Hall, as well as featured in the Folk and Traditional Art Hall).

Deb Fanelli*, does contemporary works mostly on turned wood bowls and carved utensils using bold cuts with an angle grinder that simultaneously creates burnt shadows. (Her work is cross-referenced in the Sculpture Hall, Decorative Art Hall, and Special Hall.)

John Noffsinger, exhibits here his works in pyrography and color on turned wood contemporary sculptures. (This artist's work is cross-referenced in the Sculpture Hall.)

Pablo Picasso*, small box pyroengraved by the great master himself as a gift for his friend. See also a wonderful photograph of the artist at the moment of the presentation of his gift to his best friend Eugenio Arias.

* Indicates an exhibit with a link to an on-line illustrated feature article.

N.B. E-mail contacts for the artists are linked to each one's name in the brief narrative following that artist's exhibit.

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