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by Ernie Velarde

Pyroengraving on gourd

by Ernie Velarde

Horizontal scene pyroengraved on gourd

Pick-Up to Reno
by Ernie Velarde

pyroengraving on gourd

Ernie Velarde's artful sketches burned on gourds are stories from memories of growing up on a ranch neighboring the Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox ranches, and thirty years of working with his family as background personnel for the studios in the days of early western movies.

As a youth, Ernie was popular with the movie greats from all studios. He and his family provided livestock for western films and taught famous actors how to ride and "be cowboys." Keeping the spirits of notable film cowboys such as John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart alive by burning sketch stories of the Old West on gourds was very dear to Ernie's heart.

Ernie Velarde of Kelseyville, California, passed away on March 3rd, 2002, at age 79. Ernie, who had been residing still in Kelseyville, California, was a member of the California Gourd Society.

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