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Gathering Place for Pyrographic Art Connoisseurs
and Pyro Artists from Around the World

Meeting Place for Members of the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA)

Come in!
Take a candlelit table near the fountain.


Establishing an efficient chat meeting format had been an ongoing obstacle to the organization of the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA) until some of the members came up with the idea that we could have e-mailing list meetings instead.

Mixo Sydenham (of Pyro Cafe Down Under fame) set up a site through a server called Yahoo Groups as 'Uniting-Pyrographers' with a mailing list (and chat room).

You can read and post group messages at Yahoo Groups.

Instead of having to log on at any particular hour or even any particular day, you can read your e-mail from the mailing list at your leisure and contribute your ideas to the group in the same way.

IAPA-related items of interest and announcements for the group will be sent to the Yahoo Groups uniting_pyrographers mailing list and you will receive them through Yahoo Groups once you are registered (if you are not already).

Any comments of yours and your vote on proposed plans, etc., you will also send to Yahoo Groups for IAPA.

Thanks to the mailing list, time changes and day changes and issues of inconvenience of attending on a given day will not be a problem. The chat format not only has been unsuccessful in that many people could not attend on that day, or could not log on to one or the other chat formats, but even when it was working, it was awkward at best, and little was accomplished. Here, each person's thoughts and ideas can be registered and shared by all via topic threads. Your willingness to register, then participate will be the test. Of course, "real world" meetings would be the ideal; however, given the fact that we are on all sides of the world, it's pretty marvelous to think we can communicate at all!

There is a discipline required for this method. Remember, it is a 'specialized interest group' mailing list. You can bring up other pyro topics on it that are not related to IAPA (which is a good thing); however, the discipline required means that when addressing an IAPA issue, you should put IAPA in the subject line along with the topic you are addressing so that everyone will know. You can also use the chat room at Yahoo Groups whenever you want and it has other features there that you will discover when you go there and see how it is set up.

So, go for it! Register at Yahoo Groups and join in!

Your comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. Do you have a topic you'd like put forth in the next IAPA agenda?
Please e-mail the E-Museum Curator.

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