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Turtle Terrarium, first view
by Carol St. Pierre

Pyroengraving and color on gourd
with cut-out lid in form of turtle

Turtle Terrarium, second view
by Carol St. Pierre

Pyroengraving and color on gourd
with cut-out lid in form of turtle

by Carol St. Pierre

Pyroengraving on gourd

American gourd artist and pyrographer Carol St. Pierre received her fine arts degree in painting and illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Her attraction to gourds, she says, came from her "love of the primitive spirit. " Carol co-designed with William Coltellaro an exhibit for the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., of Dr. Louis and Mary Leaky's discovery in Tanzania of the Leaky Man (homo habilis). The dig unearthed many aboriginal artifacts in its process. According to Carol, that project seeded her love for the primitive.

Carol is a member of the Int'l Ass'n of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA) and was featured in the January–February 2000 issue of the Woodcarvers Online Magazine, linked here.

See still more of Carol's exquisite work in the gallery at www.guild.com, linked here. Once there, type her last name in the artist search box and her special exhibit will appear.

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