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Lady in the Wind
by Roy Sullivan


Pyrography on leather sculpture

by Roy Sullivan


Pyroengraving on wood box

Hammock in Wood
by Roy Sullivan



Going to the Movies, Detail
by Roy Sullivan


Pyroengraving on wood (in progress)

Australian Roy Sullivan of Wandin, Victoria, discovered pyrography in about 1995, adding this technique to an array of mediums in which he already excelled as an illustrator, graphics artist, furniture designer and leather artist. Because of its variety, his work is cross-referenced in three halls (Portraits and Paintings, Sculpture, and Decorative and Applied Art) here in the E-Museum.

Roy is also a new addition to the Pyro Cafe Down Under, and is displaying his pyrographic work on leather and wood along with a talented Aussie contingency of fellow pyros in the Victorian Touring Art Collection in the State of Victoria, Australia.

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