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Concentric Circles
by Deb Fanelli

Pyrosculpture on turned wood bowl and utensils

Image courtesy of the artist

Leaf Utensils in Salad Bowl
by Deb Fanelli

Pyrosculpted leaf utensils in wide-edged turned wood bowl

Image courtesy of the artist

Freestanding Utensils
by Deb Fanelli

Pyroengraved dots done with Dremel drill on sculpted utensils

Image courtesy of the artist

Stack of Bowls, detail
by Deb Fanelli

Pyrosculpture of various patterns on an assortment of turned wood bowls

Image courtesy of the artist

American sculpture artist Deb Fanelli of Manchester Center, Vermont has innovated her own technique for utilizing an angle grinder to produce both a cut and a pyrographic shadow to create decorative sculptural effects on turned wood and sculpted objects.

Demonstrating her technique on her work "Concentric Circles" and displaying more of her works is an illustrated article entitled Hats Off to JoHannes Michelsen and Deb Fanelli—for Originality! published in Pyrograffiti in the September–October 2006 issue of WOM, linked here.

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