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Published in the Woodcarvers Online Magazine (WOM) since the 1st of January, 1997, are more than fifty articles on contemporary and antique pyrographic art works in a great variety of styles and techniques.

The earliest articles were done as single topics, such as Pyrography as Fine Art, Decorative Art, Folk Art, Decorating Musical Instruments. Later articles were mostly comprised of segments, each on a different artist, topic, or technique.

Wherever there was a corresponding E-Museum Salon created to complement the Pyrograffiti article or segment, mutual links were created. Note that currently, the links FROM the articles TO the E-Museum Salons are obsolete because of the closing of the Yahoo Geocities sites where the original E-Museum was located. The E-Museum hopes to correct all of those links over time, but it will be a long process, so please be patient. Meanwhile, you can either substitute the word "geocities" with the word "reocities" in any link that you like in order to see an archived version, or, alternatively, you can go to the E-Museum's new address by substituting http://pyromuse.org/ for the entire OLD geocities address up to the final forward slash that is followed by the specific file name.

To find a specific artist or topic here in the index for the Pyrograffiti articles, simply key COMMAND F and do a name or word search.

We hope you will enjoy viewing this wide array of wonderful artists and their works that have been featured in Pyrograffiti since 1997. The list is arranged in reverse chronological order.

Pyrograffiti 46 (March–April 2011):
The Andrews Art Museum of North Carolina
Exhibits "Twentieth Century Pyrographers"
June through August of 2011

Pyrograffiti 45 (January–February 2009):
- PLUNA of Spain
- Ernie Thompson, U.S.A.: In Memoriam

Pyrograffiti 44 (November–December 2008):
- Debra Meister and The Cornish Litany
- Don Worden At Folk Art Fairs
- Rose Sié: Her Son Remembers
- Sophia Albu Ionita: Posthumous Exhibition
- Marshall Stokes: Two New Exhibitions
- PLUNA: Water Exhibition
- Etsuko Ichikawa: Two Miami Exhibitions
- Dino Muradian: Working in Still Life

Pyrograffiti 43 (September–October 2008):
- Jose María Párraga of Murcia in Spain;
- Etsuko Ichikawa of Seattle—Glass Pyrography

Pyrograffiti 42 (July–August 2007):
- Woodburning Celebration in Pennsylvania
- Anatoly Kalika: A Newly Discovered Talent

Cheryl Dow Teaching the Amish Girls
From Cheryl Dow's Woodburning Celebration in Cook County, Pennsylvania, 2007

in the July–August 2007 issue above
and also the May–June 2007 issue below

Cheryl Dow passed away in April of 2015. She will be greatly missed.

Pyrograffiti 41 (May–June 2007):
- Blair Brown: Nova Scotia and Beyond
- Peter Drewett: New Directions
- Julia Surba: From Siberia to Berlin
- Cheryl Dow's Woodburning Celebration

Pyrograffiti 40 (January–February 2007):
- The Husnu Zuber Living Museum of Turkey
- Solarbud Hnetka: "My Medium Is My Message"
- Lynda Gibbs Eaves (1953–2006): In Memoriam

Pyrograffiti 39 (September–October 2006):
- Hats Off to JoHannes Michelsen and
- Deb Fanelli—for Originality!
- Marshall Stokes: New Shows, New Directions
- Cheryl Dow—2007 Woodburning Celebration

Pyrograffiti 38 (July–August 2006):
- Selahattin Olceroglu: 19th C. Orientalist Works
- Jim Ward—Woodcarving to Pyrography
- Cheryl Dow—a Pair of "How To" DVD Videos
- Susan Millis Pursues a Unique Degree

Pyrograffiti 37 (January–February 2006):
- Krasimir Hristov: Old Masters Works
- Angelce Miskov: Albrecht Dürer Works
- Aleksis Ponze Gallegos: Themes of Peru
- Grigoriy Tischenko Overcomes Challenges
- Kids Corner: 8-year-old Nina Govaerts
- Anikó Hazafi: Works in Fire and Light
- Michael Janson: In the Palace of Culture
- Sonny Cain: A Tattoo Artist Tries Pyrography

Pyrograffiti 36 (November–December 2005):
- Djibril N'Doye Makes History
- Adriano Colangelo Exhibits at Chakras
- Abby Levine: Analyzing Freud
- Manu Pagola's "Magic Eye" Pyrography
- Sue Walters: "Pyrography Workbook"
- Chuck Cordero's Peruvian Gourd
- Salvatore Polistena's Studio Exhibit
- Peni Powell: "Gibson Girl" on Velvet
- Maricha Oxley Exhibits in Sydney
- Haroldo Ayres Announces New On-Line Group
- Update on Cate McCauley
- Kathy Jones: Uncommon Wedding Ceremonies
- 1862 Ball Hughes Panel of Gen. McClellan

Pyrograffiti 35 (July–August 2005):
- Cate McCauley's Woodburned Illustrations
- Adem Goksugur: Anatolian Artist

Pyrograffiti 34 (May–June 2005):
- Julia Surba: New Works from Ancient Kuzhebar
- PFC Camilo Gonzalez: Wartime Folk Art
- Nancy Boitos: Large Rustic Furniture Projects
- DeAnn Cote of DRC Designs: Hello, Hitty!
- Faux Pyrography
- Who Did "The Last Stagecoach"?

Pyrograffiti 33 (March–April 2005):
- Marshall Stokes: Mixed Messages
- Lesley and Jeff Wyatt: Nautical Themes

Pyrograffiti 32 (January–February 2005):
- Sophia Albu Ionita—In Memoriam

Pyrograffiti 31 (November–December 2004):
- Brian Warburton: Drawing with Fire
- Sue Burne: A Life Filled with Art
- "carbón's" PyroSculpture on Leather
- Abby Levine's Latest Project
- From St. Petersburg: Update on Michael Janson
- Celtic Harps of Old—and New!

Pyrograffiti 30 (September–October 2004):
- Susan M. Millis: Artist and Conservator
- The Pinto Collection: Important 19th C.
- 19th C. Artist Ralph Marshall
- Robert Ball Hughes (1804–1868)
- Susan Millis Studies a Ball Hughes Work
- Other Ball Hughes Works Emerge
- Maria Luisa Grimani: A Tree's Tale
- Review of New Book by Daniel Wright
- Adriano Colangelo Lectures on Life and Art
- Tim Rahman's "The Witches Secret"

Pyrograffiti 29 (May–June 2004):
- Introducing Dragos Ciutacu
- Vladislav Kostenko: Fine Knives
- François Peeters: Pyrography in Bas Relief
- Antique Plaque of a Young Lady Graduating
- A. Mihoub: Looking Back and Going Forward
- Michael Janson: Variations on a Theme
- Abby Levine: Delving into Politics
- Adriano Colangelo: Applied Art
- Dino Muradian: Music Fest in Germany
- Paul Chojnowski: Solo Show in New York City

Pyrograffiti 28 (March–April 2004):
- Leah Comerford: Thru Rose-Colored Glasses
- Jan Farrar: Pooch Portraits
- Bob Boyer: New Internet Free Art School
- Jim Widess: New Gadgets for Gourds
- David Wickenden's 9/11 Proposal
- Peter Drewett: Homage to Joan Kerr
- Sharon H. Garvey: Calligraphy for a Crucifix

Pyrograffiti 27 (January–February 2004):
- Kathleen Marie Wilson: Drawing from Nature
- Peter Drewett: His Art and Story
- Ilanna Mandel: Peace Offerings

Pyrograffiti 26 (November–December 2003):
- Djibril N'Doye: Traditions of Senegal
- Dominic Angarano: Native American Traditions
- Ilanna Mandel: A Passion for Peace and Art
- Antique Folk Art of Russia and Austria

Pyrograffiti 25 (September–October 2003)
(Series: Couples Working as a Team)
- Adri and Cassie Pretorius
- Peni Powell: Flemish Art Collection
- Stefano Bonfatti: Photorealism
- Pierre Dore: Decorative Interpretations
- Lestat de Lioncourt: Erotic Fantasy
- Michael Janson: Listed in Russian Artindex
- Houba: New Works for New Exhibits in 2003
- Dino: Featured in Interior Design Magazine
- Alejandro Veneziani and Gabriela Lezcano

Pyrograffiti 24 (July–August 2003):
- Paul Chojnowski: 3 Important Pyro Exhibits

Pyrograffiti 23 (May–June 2003):
- Katherine Boland: Her New Exhibit 'On Fire'
- Jordan Tierney: Museum of Women in the Arts
- Ivan Govaerts: Figurative and Ornamental Art
- Kenneth E. Wooten: Folk Style Decorative Art

Pyrograffiti 22 (March–April 2003):
- Irene Corgiat and the Shroud of Turin
- Michael Janson: Pyro and Computer Graphics
- Jim Hicks: Portraits in Pyrography and Chalk
- Michael Mabbott: Solar Pyroengraving
- Home is Where the Heart is....

The Passion According to Leonardo
From Irene Corgiat and the Shroud of Turin

in the March–April 2003 issue above

Pyrograffiti 21 (January–February 2003):
- Maria Luisa Grimani: Collages
- Songda
- John-Henry Marshall's New Show "On Wood"
- Rich Chin: His Father Remembered
- Romantic Pieces from the Past

Pyrograffiti 20 (November–December 2002):
- Salvatore Polistena's Nostalgic Imagery
- Gabriela Lezcano and Alejandro Veneziani
- Wonderland Puzzle
- José Pelegrina
- Abby Levine: Big Bend Area of Texas
- George Anderson's Art Education Project
- Abdulwahab Mihoub Exhibits in Algeria
- David Wickenden: Portrait of Prime Minister
- Tayseer Barakat's Ziryab Café
- Sue Walters On The Go!
- Adoration of the Shepherds by Dino Muradian

Pyrograffiti 19 (September–October 2002):
- Dino Muradian: A Project Unfolding
- Dino Muradian: Varied Themes
- Book Review: Book by Norma Gregory
- Sue Walters' Newsletter—Smokin'!
- From Spain: FFerdezO
- Tom Schulz: Update from Alaska
- Remembering September 11th: Nedra Denison

Pyrograffiti 18 (July–August 2002)
(Pyro Kaleidoscope)
- Adriano Colangelo: Fantasy Themes
- José Pelegrina: Indigenous Peoples
- Diogenes Giorlandino: Pyrography on Gourds
- Vadim Grozavu: Photorealism
- "Gourd Pyrography" Book by Jim Widess
- Another Ball Hughes Pyrograph?
- Mark Hale: From His Workshop

Pyrograffiti 17 (May–June 2002)
(Folk Art Interpretations)
- Abdulwahab Mihoub of Algeria
- Abby Levine of the United States

Pyrograffiti 16 (March–April 2002)
(Pyrographic Monochromes)
- Historical Pyrography Exhibit in Alaska
- Tom Schulz: In the Spirit of Alaska Today
- Antique Owl Firescreen
- Announcing New Websites: Denise Needham
- and M. Jordan Tierney

Pyrograffiti 15 (January–February 2002)
(Pyro Happenings)
- Mixo Sydenham—New Project
- Derric Clemmons—Contemporary Art
- Historical Pyrography To Exhibit in Alaska

Pyrograffiti 14 (November–December 2001)
- David Kreider: The Story Behind His Art
- Diogenes Giorlandino, Decorative Artist
- John-Henry Marshall: Pyrography Project
- In Memoriam: Rev. Howard Finster, 1916–2001

Pyrograffiti 13 (September–October 2001)
(Far and Near)
- Tayseer Barakat: Interview on the West Bank
- Dan Allnutt, Western Themes
- Fran Rehn
- Book How to Burn Wildlife by O.W. Davis
- Christian Maraschin, Decorative Artist
- Pyrographic Tagua Nuts by Various Artists
- Update on Maricha Oxley's Corroboree

Pyrograffiti 12 (July–August 2001)
(It's a Small (Pyro) World After All)
- Samuel K. Anderson
- Michael Janson
- Ball Hughes, 1863
- J. William Fosdick, 1896
- Pyro Artists in the News
- Sue Walters on Tagua Nuts & Her New Website
- Quintessential Trompe L'Oeil
- David Wickenden: Fighting Fire with Fire

Pyrograffiti 11 (March–April 2001)
(Pyrography with Sculpture)
- Maricha Oxley: "Corroboree"

Pyrograffiti 10 (January–February 2001)
(Pyrography with Celtic Motifs)
- Sharon Garvey
- Dave Hicks
- Gary Eckelberry, In Memoriam

Pyrograffiti 9 (November–December 2000)
(Pyrography in Multimedia Work)
- Olive Hughes—Still Making History!
- M. Jordan Tierney: Assemblages
- Book "Pyrography Designs" by Norma Gregory

Pyrograffiti 8 (September–October 2000)
(Pyrography in Multimedia Work)
- Stuart King: Pierced Work
- Dawn Southworth: Assemblages
- Carlos Borbón: PyroSculpture on Leather
- Jiri Georg Dokoupil: Soot Series
- New IAPA Continental Directors Announced
- Two Galleries to View
- Harp Corrigan's Harp Still in Progress

Pyrograffiti 7 (July–August 2000)
(Variety is the Spice of Pyrography, Too)
- Manu Pagola: Images of the Basque Country
- Benelli: Neo-expressionist
- Vernon Robinson: Inlay on Walking Sticks
- Thomas Benally: Turquoise Inlay
- Craig "Durf" Durfee: solar performing art
- More on Sid Huttner's Lucile Project
- Mystery Corner: an 1859 Piece by Ball Hughes
- Book Reviews: Two Books by Cheryl Dow
- And One Book by Betty Auth
- Antique Pyrography Piece with Inlaid Gems

Pyrograffiti 6 (May–June 2000)
(Special Issue: Pyrography—A Healing Art)
- Renee Mariah Taylor
- Frederick J. Barnett
- Russ Garner
- Brendt Travis
- Art and Occupational Therapy
- More Notes on Research and Testimonials
- Richard Withers' Visit to Washington, D.C.
- New L. S. Irish On-Line Woodburning Tutorial
- Harp Corrigan's On-Line Celtic Harp Project
- One More Story from Vernon Robinson

Pyrograffiti 5 (March–April 2000):
- International PyroBank
- Sue Walters
- Sid Huttner's Lucile Project
- Harp Corrigan's On-Line Celtic Harp Project
- The Pyramid Box Mystery
- Bob Boyer's Pyrography Museum (Real World)
- Kids Corner: On-Line Project

Pyrograffiti 4 (January–February 2000):
- E-Museum Acquires a Picasso!
- Jennifer Ferraro: Sacred Faces
- Richard Withers' Notes on Antique Pyrography
- Decorative Art Gourds by Carol St. Pierre
- Harp Corrigan Announces His On-Line Project
- Kids Corner: A Budding Talent
- Special: Bark, Bears' Bread, Burl, and Conk!
- Lynda Eaves
- Bob Ferris
- New IAPA Initiative to Post Shows and Courses
- End-of-Year-Century-Millennium Notes

Pyrograffiti 3 (November–December 1999):
- Dawn Wasson
- Xia Fu Yong's Abstracts
- Jeff Valure's Ferret Dulcimer
- Mystery Corner: Origin of Old Tray
- Linda Hatfield's Pyro Cartoons
- New IAPA Member's Goals: Barbara Cramer

Pyrograffiti 2 (September–October 1999):
- Keith Seitz
- Jianting Li
- Benjamín Cañas
- Pyrography on Paper: More from Mixo
- Mystery Corner: Antique Sofa and Chairs
- Constança of Portugal
- Peni Powell's New Website
- Dan Smith's Antique Firescreen
- Special Artists: Ramón Pinto, blowtorch
- and Bud Hnetka, solar
- South African Pyros—Kobus van Zyl

Pyrograffiti 1 (May–June 1999):
- Ken Li
- Lucy McCord
- Pyrography on Paper: Mixo Sydenham
- Van Gogh Mystery
- Antonio Vargas
- Rita Ferrara
- Klaus Szenzcer
- Andrew Talley
- Rodger Letkeman
- Harp Corrigan
- Antique Table Tennis set
- Dino Muradian's Latest—The Last Supper
- Special: Marie Heerkens Mushroom Pyrography
- China

Pyrography Decorating Musical Instruments
(March–April 1999)
- Dino Muradian: Harp and Guitar
- Opie & Linda O'Brien: Gourd Instruments
- Mountain Dulcimers by Harp Corrigan
- Aeolian Harps
- An African Rattle

Chinese Fire Works
(January–February 1999)
Fine Line Portraiture by Ken Li

Pyrography with Relief Carving
(September–October 1998)
by Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson

Pyrography and Kids!
Younger Children and Teenagers
(July–August 1998)
- Jarea Art Studio
- Raffles Girls' School, Singapore
- Quote from a Welsh Scoutmaster
- School Project in Senegal

Pyrography on Wood and More
(March–April 1998)
An Interview with Al Chapman

Antique Pyrography
(January–February 1998)
- A Look into the Past of the Art of "Pyr"
- The Advent of the Ladies Magazines
- The Victorian Pyrographic Kit!
- The Factories
- Collecting Pyrography
- Conclusion

Pyrogravure Colorée
(November–December 1997)
The Art of Sophia Albu Ionita

Traditional Pyrography of Mali
(September–October 1997)
To Timbuktu in Search of Pyrography!

Our Anthropologists on Camels in the Sahara at Timbuktu
From To Timbuktu in Search of Pyrography!

in the September–October 1997 issue above

Pyrography in the Land Down Under
(July–August 1997)
by K. J. "Mixo" Sydenham

Folk Art Pyrography
(May–June 1997)
An Interview with Internationally Famous
Rev. Howard Finster

Pyrography as Decorative Art
(March–April 1997)
The story of the decorative art pyroengraving as learned by the E-Museum's Curator in Guatemala. The article includes several illustrations and some techniques, too.

Pyrography As Fine Art
(January–February 1997)
Portraiture by Dino Muradian of Romania (Premier Issue)

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