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Janik pyrography machine shown with samples

This tool is featured in the book, The Complete Pyrography,
by Stephen Poole

For more information about Janik Pyrography Equipment,
visit their website linked here.

The Peter Child Pyrography Machine

is also featured in Stephen Poole's book. Of English manufacture,
it is available in a 220-volt model for the UK
and a 110-volt model for the USA and other countries using that voltage.
Another well known artist who uses this tool is Richard Withers of Wales.

For more about the Peter Child Pyrography Machine,
visit their website linked here.

Note that this website also boasts an excellent decorative and fine art gallery of pyrography, well worth a visit.

NEW TOOL FROM THE U.K. in 2008 /
The Piranha Professional pyrography kit

is manufactured in the U.K. by
Antex Electronics Ltd.
2 Westbridge Industrial Estate
PL19 8DE England.

According to Deborah Matthews of the Antex Craft division, their pyrotool has the option of fixed tips or their WT tip, which allows you to shape your own tips using nickel chrome wire. For safety purposes, it has an LED light on the front and an on/off switch at the back.

For more information about the Piranha,
visit the Antex website linked here.

Brenn-Peter, Model 3

For more information about the Brenn-Peter model shown here and two other Brenn-Peter pyro tool models, visit the website linked here, which belongs to Hobbyring of Germany.

Nibsburner, Blue Ribbon Burner Model
1330 Tonka Avenue,
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904-2236, USA;
Phone (719) 576-8686.

For more information about the Nibsburner model shown here and two other Nibsburner Brand Woodburners and Accessories, visit their website linked here.

Navesink Burners and Accessories

For more about the Navesink Burners, contact Jack and Lillian Thorsen of the
Wisconsin Woodcarving Supply Co.,
15 South Emmertsen Road
Racine, WI 53406

The Navarro Pyrocarver

On the market for nearly fifty years, this temperature-controlled pyrographic tool, contained in its own wood box, uses detachable wire points.

For more information on the Navarro Pyrocarver and how it was designed, as well as the decorative art techniques that were designed to use with it, there is a fully illustrated article entitled Pyrography: Decorative Art. For questions on this tool, contact Pyrographics.

For more information on the Razertip tool and points, contact Razertip Industries Inc.,
P.O. Box 1258, Martensville, SK S0K 2T0, Canada

The Detail Master pyrographic tools and points

are featured in Robert Boyer's book, The Amazing Art of Pyrography.

For more about the Detail Master pyrographic tools, contact
Bob Boyer, Leisure Time Crafts, 2650 Davisson St., River Grove, IL 60171, USA.

Another avid promoter and distributor of the Detail Master products is Ardith Willner of Santa Cruz, CA.

Colwood pyrographic tools, since 1979.

For more about the Colwood pyrographic tools, contact
Colwood Electronics, 15 Meridian Road, Eatontown, NJ 07724, USA.

Ironcore pyrographic tools

For more about the Ironcore pokerwork machine,
contact Ironcore Transformers Pty. Ltd.,
20-22 Quinn Street, Preston, Victoria 3072, Australia.

L'appareil de pyrogravure
Tec Loisir
pyrographic tool
of France

For more about the
Tec Loisir tool,
visit the Bricolage website linked here.

OPTIMA pyrographic tools

Shown here is a unique combination burning pen and micro motor tool sharing a power source. SMC also has a model that is only the pyrography tool.

For more about the OPTIMA pyrographic tools, contact PJL Enterprises,
720 Perry Ave. N., Browerville, MN 56438, USA
or see the Cheryl Dow website or email Cheryl at cddow@aol.com.

The Hot Tool,

shown here with a pyroengraved gourd by Duane Teeter, is a solid-point tool with no variable temperature capability.

For more about the Hot Tool, contact Jim Widess at The Caning Shop,
926 Gilman St., Berkeley, CA 94710, USA

Hot Tools is a Division of the M. M. Newman Corporation in Marblehead, MA. They offer more accessories and an add-on temperature control unit to enhance the capabilities of their basic Hot Tool.

Dremel pyrographic tool

For more about the Dremel tools, visit their website linked here.

A well known tool of the soldering iron type is the Walnut Hollow Woodburning Tool

Walnut Hollow is an American company that manufactures, in addition to a simple woodburning tool, an extensive line of unfinished wood products suitable for pyrography, certain art supplies, including colored oil pencils used by many pyrographers, and a number of books on woodburning. They do have a website, linked here, but it is for general information only. They do not sell on line, but can direct you to the many retail stores in the USA and other countries where their products are sold.

Walnut Hollow Farm, Inc.
1409 State Road 23,
Dodgeville, WI 53533, USA;
In the USA, call 1-800-950-5101 for a Customer Service Representative.
(Picture not available at this time.)

In the USA, there is a simple woodburning tool of the soldering iron type sold by WalMart, an American chain store.
(Neither picture nor on-line contact available at this time.)

The new Galaxy pyrographic tool
Colwood pyrographic tools, since 1979.

This tool has a digital display and claims a unique circuitry designed to compensate for fluctuations in line voltage and provide precise control over the detailing in pyrographic work. The Galaxy temperature range is between 1800-2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

For more about the new Galaxy pyrographic tool , visit the website linked here. For questions, contact Colwood Electronics,
15 Meridian Road, Eatontown, NJ 07724, USA.

The Triform 180

a unique machine that is a hot wire cutter, line bending machine, and pyrography tool with one heat setting for the sculptor and pyrography tool. Pyrography is done using a short loop of wire on the sculptor tool. This tool has a foot-switch activator designed to eliminate fumes from residue left on the heating wire. For more about the Triform 180 tool, visit the website linked here. For questions, contact C.R.Clarke & Co., located in the UK (Ammanford, Carmarthenshire) or their
C.R.Clarke & Co. (US) Inc. branch in the USA (Orlando, Florida).

The Dual ND1 Pyro-pen

is the top-of-the-line model manufactured by the Pyrographic Equipment Manufacturing company of Kilsyth, Victoria, in Australia. They also have a simpler model, the ND1 Pyro-pen, plus a special portable model designed to be used exclusively in a car, 4wd, or similar vehicle.

For more about Pyrographic Equipment Manufacturing of Australia and their three pyro tool models, visit their website linked here. They offer a free class to pyros in Melbourne and other special benefits to folks in that area. At this time, their tools are being sold nationally in supply stores throughout Australia.

The Hakko Pyro-Tool

is the pyrography tool manufactured in Japan.

For more about Hakko pyro tools and to see some pyrographed art by Japanese artists, visit their website linked here, and click on JAPAN, to not get lost. At this time, Hakko tools, manufactured specifically for Japanese electrical systems, are being sold only nationally in art and craft supply stores throughout Japan for use there.

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