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Three Hundred Things a Bright Girl Can Do

by Lilla Elizabeth Kelley

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Written and illustrated by Lilla Elizabeth Kelley, 1903
With collaboration from Emily Drew and Esther Fitton, Boston

Adapted from Chapter VII, Pyrography, from the book
Boston, November 1903, pp. 190–202.

The 1903 book Three Hundred Things a Bright Girl Can Do, was written and illustrated by Lilla Elizabeth Kelley and published in Boston. "Pyrography, Chapter VII," for which the author acknowledged the collaboration of Emily Drew and Esther Fitton, also from Boston, is exhibited above. Emily Drew was also acknowledged in the author's chapter on chip carving, another technique that can be combined well with pyrography. Although some of the designs may be more appealing to girls, the truth is that the entire chapter has instructions—and many of the designs, such as the peacock—that are suitable for anyone. Some of the instructions would still be valuable for people working with today's tools, and all of the chapter is interesting in terms of looking at the past and seeing how they worked before.

However, it is important to note that in using one of those old tools, the fire hazard would be great, and youngsters should NEVER work with a hot tool and especially not with an open flame without constant adult supervision. Adults, too, should always have a fire extinguisher at the ready and preferably another person nearby who could help in case of an accident. As with any task, every appropriate precaution should be taken to ensure safety first.

On page 201, the peacock design is very similar to a work entitled "Royalty" by William Fuller Curtis exhibited here in the E-Museum.

Note that the author Lilla Kelley, on page 197, references the masterpiece "Joan of Arc" triptych by J. William Fosdick who is featured (including his triptych, as well) in a large section here in the E-Museum's Antique Hall.

If you have either any questions to ask or any additional information to offer about the author or her collaborators for the pyrography chapter of this book Emily Drew and Esther Fitton of Boston, please e-mail the E-Museum Curator.

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