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1901 Exhibitions of
Decorative Burnt Wood Panels
by J. William Fosdick
Featured in The International Studio Magazine

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Decorative Art Excerpt, Highlighting Burnt Wood Panels by J. William Fosdick
From the 1901 feature column American Studio Talk: Notes on Art in New York

From The International Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art

This volume (13) of The International Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art had two segments featuring J. William Fosdick, of which the principal one is displayed above (from pp. 219–225), showing four works by him exhibited at the thirty-third annual exhibition of the Society of American Artists.

The second segment, featuring the sixteenth annual exhibition of the Architectural League of New York, in a separate American Studio Talk column in this volume (pp. 73–74), offered the following critique of his work The Lotos Eaters (also illustrated above):
"In the West Gallery...[was] the very successful decoration for the café of the Lotos Club, by J. William Fosdick, entitled The Lotos Eaters (No. 202). ... Mr. Fosdick's clever burning of his wood has resulted in actual color. The color of the wood has itself been permitted to give its share, and the charring effect of the live instrument adds tone to the whole scheme. We congratulate Mr. Fosdick."
Thanks to the helpful captions in the first segment with images of his works, we have also learned of some of the owners of them, viz., "The Lady of Shalott," owned by H. P. King of Pride's Crossing, Massachusetts (see a 1906 picture of the Kings' residence below); "The Lotos Eaters," owned by the Lotos Club of New York; and "Sleep" owned by J. Scott Hartley of New York. "The Glorification of Joan of Arc" may have still belonged to Fosdick in 1901. At some point it was purchased by William T. Evans, who in 1910 donated it to the Smithsonian in Washington, D. C., where it is today at the American Art Museum.

Residence of H.P. King in Two Views
Owner of the work entitled The Lady of Shallott by J. William Fosdick

Adapted from a pair of photogravures in The American Architect and Building News, August 1906.

Thanks to another article in a 1909 issue of Country Life Magazine, we have gleaned additional information on three of the above four works by Fosdick.

Fosdick's work The Lotos Eaters was also featured on p. 342 in a three-page article by Ada Rainey in the July 1914 issue of Arts and Decoration Magazine, entitled
of J. William Fosdick (p. 341)
, page 342, and page 343.

UPDATE—4 August 2012: A 1970 photograph of Fosdick's The Landing of Ulysses in the Land of the Lotos Eaters is in his Studio exhibit in the E-Museum at the link here accompanied by its history at the Lotos Club.

If you have either any questions to ask or any information to offer regarding these works by J. William Fosdick, or any of his works, please e-mail the E-Museum Curator.

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1901 Exhibitions
of Burnt Wood Panels by J. Wm. Fosdick
Featured in The International Studio Magazine

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