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Yury Zopov

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Dreaming God
by Yury Zopov

Pyroengraving on wood panel

The Cross
by Yury Zopov

Pyroengraving on wood panel

Saint Peter
by Yury Zopov, 1997

Pyroengraving on wood panel

by Yury Zopov

Pyrography on wood panel

Real Eyes
by Yury Zopov

Pyrography on wood panel

Telecommunications Engineer Yury Zopov from Bulgaria, is a man of many talents. He taught himself pyrography three years ago over a 2-month period. This pyrographic artist developed his own techniques for shading, created a mathematical method to generate knotworks (observed in some of the examples here), manufactured his own pyrographic tools, and is presently experimenting with a new method of painting using a thin stream of smoke. Yury says that he could "speak a week about his work methods" in pyrography. In addition, this young married man has served two years as a military officer in the Bulgarian Air Force, is an enthusiastic tattoo artist, both a motor and car mechanic (who drives all classes, as well), and a powerlifter.

For more information on pyrographic artist Yury Zopov from Bulgaria, and his bold pyrographic style, you can contact him directly through e-mail by clicking on his name, or visit this webpage showing his Tattoo and Pyro Art and this one—The Morse's Art—for more about the artist.

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