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Adapted from the black-and-white article "William Fuller Curtis, Pyrographer"
by Leila Mechlin in the December 1903 issue of HOUSE & GARDEN, pp. 291–294.

American artist William Fuller Curtis (1873–1938) like J. William Fosdick before him, studied art at the Académie Julian in Paris. The article exhibited here in this salon offers additional background regarding his education and profession.

This article offers some works heretofore unseen here in the E-Museum, such as Coming of Night and St. Agnes of Montepulciano and also notes names of owners for them.

It was surprising to notice that the second image (the King Arthur triptych) in the article exhibited here from 1903 is of the finished pyrographic work that is shown as a pencil sketch (as though it were a work in progress) in the 1909 article.

The work by William Fuller Curtis—LOVE AND LABOR GLORIFYING LIFE—which was merely cited in the 1904 Year Book of the Architectural League of New York is illustrated and described in detail for us here in this exhibit of Leila Mechlin's article.

If you have either any questions to ask or any information to offer regarding this article, these or any pyrography works by William Fuller Curtis, please e-mail the E-Museum Curator.

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