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Pokerwork on wood panel,
23 cm. by 30 cm.

Digital image courtesy of David Fox

Detail of the inscription in the lower left corner of the panel

Pokerwork on wood panel,
23 cm. by 30 cm.

Digital image courtesy of David Fox


Pokerwork on wood panel,
23 cm. by 30 cm.
Digitally altered to enhance viewing

Digital image courtesy of David Fox

David Fox in Arizona, U.S.A., acquired this fine pyrograph (also called pokerwork) in a very unusual way. An art dealer in Phoenix discovered the panel backing up a print he had acquired—the small panel was apparently placed there to help hold the print firmly in its frame. The art dealer passed it on to his friend David and asked him to see what he could find out about it.

Quite a bit of research has already been done, but no definite leads have yet been discovered. The first big question is the name so carefully inscribed in all capital letters prominently on the front in the lower left corner. If it is RAVERMEY, why is there no such name found on the internet? Is it supposed to be instead R. A. VERMEY?

The date underneath it is 1896; however, the subject of the portrait is dressed in something that appears 16th century, notably the ruffled collar called a "cartwheel" ruff.

The prevailing opinion is that it is a 19th century pyrography reproduction of perhaps a 16th century portrait painting. Next, this question has to be asked, as well: Is the inscription the title of the work and the name of the subject? Or is it the name of the artist?

If you recognize the subject of this portrait from another source, or have any information or comments regarding this RAVERMEY 1896 work, please e-mail David Fox and the E-Museum Curator.

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