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Pyrography Bibliography is a resource listing antique, old, out-of-print, and current new books on pyrography intended as an aid for those researching pyrography and its history, those students of pyrography looking for either old or new books as work references and study guides, and collectors.

It is hoped that visitors to the e-museum who may have knowledge of some of the rarer books and sources (libraries or stores dealing in old books) will advise the Curator.

1 L'art de pyrograver : le bois Librairie de l 1930

2 L'art de pyrograver : le bois Librairie de l 1951

3 An Artist's portfolio of wood Walnut Hollow 1983 D

4 The Arts of wood-carving and Butterick Pub. 1893 D

5 The arts of wood-carving and Butterick Pub. 1896

6 Catalogue of beautiful fascin C.A. Merrill, 19uu D

7 Compositions ornementales pou Henri Laurens, 1800

8 Creative wood burning Association of 1994

9 Creative woodburning Learn by Video 1985

10 Creative woodburning. Book IV Walnut Hollow 1986

12 Pyrography / J.J. White, 1910

13 Sculpturing a red fox VTS-Video, 1992

16 Almy, Bigelow & Was Catalog of pyrographic suppli Almy, Bigelow 1910

17 Amen, Adeyi. Burnt offerings : an exhibiti I. Okwa & A. A 1991

18 Bonfiglio, Joe. Toleburning : basic technique Busy Bees, 1978

19 Boyer, Robert The amazing art of pyrography Evanston Pub. 1993 D

20 Broadwater, Elaine. Woodburning, art & craft : te Crown Publishe 1980 D

21 Chapman, Al, Learning the art of pyrograph Schiffer Pub., 1995 D

22 Clarise, Henri, Amateur art : oil and water c Amateur Art Co 1893

23 Cochran, Cilla Burning desires : woodburning Pat Depke, 1980

24 Danziger, Abraham L How to burn a treatise on the 1903 D

25 Eichholtz Art Store Pyrography. The Store, 1905

26 Eichholtz Art Store Pyrography The Store, 1905

27 F. Weber & Co. Illustrated price list of nov F. Weber & Co. 1900

28 F. Weber & Co. Illustrated price list of pyr F. Weber & Co. 1900

29 F. Weber & Co. [Trade catalogs on artists' m The Company, 1900

30 Fetherston, Florenc A Guide to pyrography or wood F. Weber 1900

31 F.F. Rick & Co. Burnt wood. F.F. Rick & Co 1905

32 Fitzpatrick, Jack. I like to burn houses : the a J Fitzpatrick, 1989 C

33 Flemish Art Co. Flem-ar-co : the book of one The Company, 1880

34 Flemish Art Company Pyrography : a complete cours The Company, 1907

35 Frost & Adams Co. Catalogue fine pyrography bla The Company, 1908

36 Frost & Adams Co. Illustrated catalogue pyrogra The Company, 1900

37 Frost & Adams Co. Illustrated catalogue : pyrog The Company, 1906

38 Frost & Adams Compa Illustrated catalogue : pyrog The Company, 1906

39 Gailey Supply Co. ( Illustrated catalogue of pyro The Company, 1905

40 George S. Stewart C A catalogue of burntwork furn

41 H.A. Hyatt (Firm) Pyrography / H.A. Hyatt, 1

42 Hahn, Frank L. Collector's guide to burnt wo Golden Era Pub 1994

43 Hajny, Desiree. Mammals, an artistic approach Fox Chapel Pub 1994 D

44 Havez, Bernard. Pyrography : the art of woodb Evans, 1978 D

45 Havez, Bernard. Pyrography : the art of woodb Van Nostrand R 1978 D

46 Hirshberg Art Co. What to burn and how it costs Hirshberg Art 1900

47 John Shillito Compa Pyrography. The Company, 1900

48 Koprinski, Sto‘i“an Pirografi‘i“a v¾urkhu d¾urvo D¾urzh. izd-vo 1981 D

49 Krochmal, Connie. The art of woodburning, Drake Publishe 1974 D

50 Lowell, C. C. Fine pyrography blanks. Lowell, 1903

51 Lowell, C. C. Worce Fine pyrography blanks Lowell, 1903

52 Ludwig Baumann & Co Pyrographic outfits and mater Ludwig Baumann 1900

53 Maude, Maud. A handbook of pyrography / Dawbarn & Ward 1890

54 Maude, Maud, Mrs. A handbook of pyrography / Fulford, King' 1890

55 Maude, Maud, Mrs. Handbook of pyrography. Dawbarn, 1901

56 Muir & Company. Pyrography : outfits and mate Muir & Company 1900

57 Nichols & Frost, Fi Pyrography. The Firm, 1903

58 Okogwu, Antonia. Notes from the North : an exh The Museum, 1993

61 Poole, Stephen. The complete pyrography / Guild of Maste 1995 D

62 Scheewe, John. ABC's of creative pen-ink & w Decorative Art 1978

63 Smyth, Carole, The burning passion : antique L-W Book Sales 1995 D

64 Thayer & Chandler ( Pyrography The Company, 1908

65 Thompson, W. D. Poker work including relief b L. Upcott Gill 1910

66 Veasey, William. Burning and texturing methods Schiffer Pub., 1984 D

67 Walnut Hollow Farm, Creative woodburning. Walnut Hollow 1980

68 Walnut Hollow Farm, Creative woodburning : a coll Walnut Hollow 1978

69 Walnut Hollow Farm, Creative woodburning : an art Walnut Hollow 1981

70 Walnut Hollow Farm, Creative woodburning book III Walnut Hollow 1981

71 Waters, Sue Basic wood burning / Schiffer Publi 1994

72 Waters, Sue. Wood burning with Sue Waters Schiffer Pub., 1994

OCLC is an international bibliographic database of library holdings. The above 72 books (a few listings were removed by the Curator as they were not pertinent to pyrography) ranging from 1890's to the present were found through that database thanks to Deborah Barlow Smedstad, Head Librarian of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, who kindly forwarded this list and the advice found in these paragraphs to the Curator of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art.

This brief list, reprinted here in the form of a citation as it came from that database, does not contain the whole bibliographic record, which you can find at any library with access to OCLC by asking a librarian there to do a search on the subject "pyrography".

If you are in or near a major city, try your local major public library, first, to see if some of these titles are part of their collection, or, second, to request them via Interlibrary Loan.

You might also want to try the Craft and Folk Art Museum Library (if you are in Los Angeles) at (213) 857-4682. Wherever you are in the world, if you have a good library available in an art museum or cultural center, you might well be advised to try there.

The E-Museum already has an exhibit with some of these books and plans to exhibit many more of these works in the future, with a picture of the cover and some information about each. An exhibit of catalogues is also planned.

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