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by Manu Pagola

The Basque Country, Spain

Pyrography on wood panel
Imagen antigua en un amanecer en invierno de unos pescadores de angulas.
After an antique image of fishermen at dawn in winter

by Manu Pagola

The Basque Country, Spain

Pyrography on wood panel
Itzainta es palabra vasca que describe a la mujer guiando los bueyes. Es de una fotografía sacada de un libro, estampa típica en los caseríos hace 50 años
Itzainta is a Basque word describing the woman who drives the oxen. This work is after a photograph in a book, an image typical of farmhouses of the region 50 years ago.

by Manu Pagola

The Basque Country, Spain

Pyrography on wood panel
Esta imagen fue tomada por un compañero de un viaje que hice a la India
After a photograph taken by a friend during their trip to India

Spanish pyrographic artist Manu Pagola from San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa, The Basque Country, does portraits and landscapes of present-day subjects as well as from the past by means of antique photographs. He works principally from themes of the Basque Country, but also likes subjects he photographs in his travels like the little girls from India in his work above. His e-mail is linked here to his name. He has his own website Pirograbados de Manu Pagola showing more of his work.

In addition, Manu Pagola and his work were featured in a fully illustrated article in the July–August 2000 issue of Pyrograffiti in the Woodcarvers Online Magazine, linked here. In another Pyrograffiti from November–December 2005, there was a follow-up article on Manu Pagola's "Magic Eye" Pyrography.

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