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Dargo High Plains
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyrography and color on wood
in Red Gum frame

"Anyone for Tennis?"
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyrograph flanked by mirrors

Jim Morrison
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyrograph flanked by mirrors

"First Fleeter"
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyrography on wood with color

Banksia on Spruce
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyroengraved Frame with Mirror

"Weiner Stein Einz"
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Crest Logo of Vienna Stone Masonry One
Pyroengraved Plaque in Frame

Still Life
by K. J. Mixo Sydenham

Pyroengraved Plaque in Frame

Mixo Sydenham is known for his striking pyrographs on wood panels set in unusual, irregularly shaped wood frames chosen to complement the art work. He works with a wire-tipped pyrographic pen and often adds special effects with a blowtorch, as well. Most of his recent pyroworks (including pyrographs on paper) are enhanced with lifelike water color effects and include a wide variety of subject matters worked from his original photographs.

A fully illustrated article—Pyrography in the Land Down Under—in the Woodcarvers Online Magazine, linked here, tells a little about Mixo's start, his pyro art work, and the pyrographic art movement he was leading in Australia from his own web site, Pyro Cafe Down Under, at the turn of the millennium.

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