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Ken Li (Li Geng Qiang)

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Young Han Woman
by Ken Li

Pyrograph on basswood, 21 x 29 cm
After an oil painting by Pan Hong Hai

Photograph by Ken Li

Xin Xin
Daughter Xue Xin at age 6, July 1992
by Ken Li

Pyrograph on wood, 20 x 29 cm

Photograph by Ken Li

by Ken Li

Pyrograph on basswood, 28 x 22 cm
After a postcard

Photograph by Ken Li

Fu Xiao Hong, at 18
by Ken Li, 1996

Pyrograph on basswood, 26 x 20 cm
After a photograph, 1979

Photograph of subject and portrait by Ken Li

Portrait of Beethoven
by Ken Li

Pyrograph on basswood, 35 x 25 cm

Photograph by Ken Li

Welcome Home, Hong Kong
by Ken Li

Pyrograph on basswood, 46 x 54 cm

Photograph by Ken Li

For more information on Ken Li (whose official name is Li Geng Qiang) from Shenzhen, Peoples Republic of China, you can contact him directly through e-mail.

In the January 1999 issue of the WWWoodc@rvers E-Zine, there is a fully illustrated article in two parts entitled Chinese Fire Works on this artist's uniquely toned and richly detailed pyrographs.

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