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J. William Fosdick (1858–1937)
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James William Fosdick

Published in the Art Interchange Magazine in December 1891

Adapted from a digital image by Sharon H. Garvey, © 2008

The Art Interchange
December 1891 issue, pages 190–191

Article by J. William Fosdick (1858–1937).

Adapted from a digital image by Sharon H. Garvey, © 2006

Article courtesy of Anna North Coit
of the North Stonington Historical Society
North Stonington, Connecticut, U.S.A.

The above article entitled "BURNT WOOD IN DECORATION" by J. William Fosdick (1858–1937), was published in The Art Interchange in their December 1891 issue.

This 1891 article addresses various issues of interest, including mention of poker art done with heated irons as well as scorched by means of a blow pipe (blow torch).

Fosdick offers some history of Ball Hughes, his predecessor and inspiration, as well as Ball Hughes's beginnings as an artist in England and his first effort at poker work—a burning of a shingle reproducing one of Fuseli's "Three Witches."

Also of interest (and perhaps as a topic of discussion) are J. W. Fosdick's thoughts about decorative or architectural art and the methods and applications that are appropriate for this art form. He also mentions his own first professional commission in pyrography (in 1884) thanks to a referral through Ball Hughes's widow.

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