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Yellow Birch Burl Range Rider
by JoHannes Michelsen

Pyroburnished hatband on turned Yellow Birch Burl Woodhat, full size, wearable

Image courtesy of the artist

Range Rider (on left) and Crusher (on right)
by JoHannes Michelsen

Pyroburnished hatbands on two turned Woodhats, both full size and wearable:
Range Rider (left) is Northern White Ash Burl;
Crusher (on right) is Coolibah Burl

Image courtesy of the artist

Danish Ash Crusher
by JoHannes Michelsen

Pyroburnished hatband on turned Danish Ash Woodhat, full size, wearable

Image courtesy of the artist

by JoHannes Michelsen

Pyroburnished decoration on an assortment of tiny turned Woodhats

Image courtesy of the artist

Sun Hat
by JoHannes Michelsen

Pyroburnished detailing in Ebony on turned Quilted Sugar Maple Woodhat, full size, wearable

Image courtesy of the artist

Danish born American woodturning artist JoHannes Michelsen of Manchester Center, Vermont, has invented his own technique, first, for turning wood on a lathe to create wearable hats—stunning sculptures that are at the same time flexible and lightweight—and second, a technique for pyroburnishing the hatbands with exotic woods by literally applying wood on wood by means of friction and heat.

Demonstrating and explaining his techniques and displaying more of his works is an illustrated article entitled Hats Off to JoHannes Michelsen and Deb Fanelli—for Originality! published in the September–October 2006 issue of WOM, linked here.

JoHannes Michelsen has a wonderfully prepared web site well worth exploring in depth at www.woodhat.com, linked here. His Incredible Woodhats have been displayed at important exhibitions like the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C., and can be found in major collections, and are featured in many publications. JoHannes travels nationally and internationally to exhibit and give demonstrations.

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