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1904 article

"Drawing and Painting for Amateurs"
by F. Stewart Greene (1876–1946)


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"Drawing and Painting for Amateurs"
by F. Stewart Greene, 1904

Adapted from an article on pp. 19–20 of the March–April 1904 issue of PYRO-CERAMIC ART MAGAZINE,
Vol. I, No. 10, published by G. Harry Abbott, in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A.

The primary intent of the article exhibited here is to offer ideas and practical advice to those wishing to develop designs for their pyrographic work.

The E-Museum became aware of Fred Stewart Greene, the author of this article, back in 1997 when the curator was preparing the article on Antique Pyrography published January 1st, 1998. Thanks to the late Anna North Coit (1908–2014) in N. Stonington, Connecticut, two small pieces of furniture were identified as being by him and/or his mother Harriet M. Greene. Those pieces still reside in the attic of the house, where they had lived, which is now N. Stonington's Historical Society.

Following is an image of a painted portrait of Fred Stewart Greene, now believed to not be a self-portrait as previously supposed, but rather painted by an unknown artist. It is on display there in the N. Stonington Historical Society. Fred Stewart Greene was a well known Impressionist painter, as well as an early photographer, and further research reveals that, as recently as 2014, a book has been published featuring F. Stewart Greene's paintings. Following his portrait below is an early photograph of him by an unknown photographer. Below that is an image of the 2014 book cover followed by a picture of the author doing booksignings there in N. Stonington, as well.

Portrait of Fred Stewart Greene
by an Unknown Artist

Historical Society, N. Stonington, Connecticut
Photograph by Sharon H. Garvey

Early 1900's Photograph of Fred Stewart Greene,
by an unknown photographer
Historical Society, N. Stonington, Connecticut

"Out of the Attic: Images of Fred Stewart Greene"
by Tobias M. Goodman, 2014
252 pages, published by Asphodel Press, U.S.A.

Author Tobias Goodman Signing Books
at the N. Stonington Historical Society in March of 2015

"Out of the Attic: Images of Fred Stewart Greene" 252 pages, published by Asphodel Press, U.S.A.

F. Stewart Greene's Studio Ad
from the March–April 1904 issue
of Pyro-Ceramic Art Magazine

Before he moved to N. Stonington, Connecticut, Fred Stewart Greene had his home and studio in Westerly, Rhode Island, which is only a short distance (less than 7 miles) from N. Stonington. Perhaps he moved to N. Stonington to care for his mother as she got older and after his father died. This is only conjecture, however.

If you have either any questions to ask or any additional information to offer on F. Stewart Greene
or his 1904 article exhibited here, please e-mail the E-Museum Curator.

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