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Pyrography Upon Glass
by Ellen T. Masters, 1893

Adapted from the article "Pyrography Upon Glass" from
Cassell's family magazine, 1893, pp. 681–683.

The 1893 article here entitled Pyrography Upon Glass by Ellen T. Masters for Cassell's family magazine, is the first illustrated pyrography article we've seen on this specific technique, also the first pyrography article of any kind we've seen by this author, or even in this magazine.

The author notes that the design on p. 682 is by Mr. Haité but fails to note his first name. Research reveals there is a well known designer and artist, George Charles Haité, at the link here for the Victoria and Albert Museum. At the Jonathan Grant Galleries is shown a watercolour by George Charles Haité (1855–1924) where in the caption it notes he was the son of "designer George Haité." In neither case was it noted that the artist designed poker work. A striking relief design for wallpaper at the link here for Geo. C. Haité at the University Libraries is well worth seeing and suggests that this could well be the artist who did the poker work designs, even though there is no mention there either of that's being the case.

The illustrious Mrs. Maud Maude addresses the topic of pyrography on glass very nicely in her little book from 1891; however, there is no illustration there, and she really only devotes a couple of paragraphs to this unusual technique, although she seemed very taken with it and very encouraging about its use and possibilities. The quote from her that Ellen Masters uses in the article displayed here is not from that book, and since Masters said it was from an article, we may yet find more from Maude on this topic, as well.

Examples of pyrography on glass are not appearing at exhibitions past or present, however, so it seems it remained and still remains an unusual technique.

In the 21st Century, we have the still more unusual, in fact, likely unique, use of molten glass by artist Etsuko Ichikawa where the glass is the pyrotool. Look for Ichikawa's technique in the Special Hall of the E-Museum.

If you have either any questions to ask or any additional information to offer about the author of this pyrography article in Cassell's family magazine or about this uncommon pyrographic technique, please e-mail the E-Museum Curator.

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1893 "Pyrography Upon Glass" article
by Ellen T. Masters
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