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"Etching on Wood or Leather:
Its Decorative Uses and Value"

in Good Housekeeping Magazine

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Etching on Wood or Leather: Its Decorative Uses and Value
by Emma Moffett Tyng

Adapted from Good Housekeeping Magazine, Vol. 30, 1900, pp. 9–10.

Published by The Hearst Corp.

This article from 1900 by Emma Moffett Tyng differs from most of the pyrography articles of that period in that it is not a beginner's "how to" article but rather an article introducing decorative ideas for using pyrography.

Its claim that pyrography came to America from Bavaria was unusual, too, since the very large factory in New York producing hobbyist materials for pyrography was called the Flemish Art Company, thereby implying that the art form came from Flanders. Indeed, the term "Flemish art" was often used as another word for pyrography.

It is perhaps worthy of note that J. William Fosdick wrote of having found early tools and techniques in Germany, even though he did his first collection of pyrographic works while living and studying art in France. Coincidentally, the author of this article mentions "a large and handsome panel illustrating a scene in the life of Joan of Arc" which was probably referring to Fosdick's Joan of Arc, which not only was, of course, three panels but the scene was rather of her being taken up to heaven after her death. That triptych was photographed in Fosdick's studio, also loaned to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and then acquired by William T. Evans who ultimately donated it to the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., where it resides today in the American Art Museum.

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Emma Moffett Tyng's
1900 article
"Etching on Wood or Leather:
Its Decorative Uses and Value"

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